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About us

Originally our committee was established in 2016, at first as a composition workshop. The mission of Spring in Ise-Shima is to foster mutual understanding between artists and non-artists in the Japanese beautiful Ise-Shima region.

Due to the epidemic situation, currently we are organizing all events online, accepting applications from all over the world. Our first free online music competition for young musicians was successful with more than 600 entries.

Our competition certificates will be printed on “IseWashi” paper made by Taihou Wasi Kougyou K.K.. IseWashi has been made in Ise since the early Meiji period for distribution of Ise Jingu's paper amulets to all over Japan. 

 Ise Jingu is the most important Shinto shrine which has been worshipped as the Home of Heart. Taihou Wasi Kougyou K.K. was founded in 1899 (Meiji 32).  Since then, the company has been making pure and noble washi (Japanese paper) for Ise Jingu.

e-mail: info at 

tel: (050) 5809-5243 (Japan)

address: Mieken, Komono-Cho, Komono 5833

Event Director: Hajime Kimura


Our members​

​Hajime Kimura

Competitions and events director

Valeriia Makshakova

General manager​

Model in Pink Jacket
Irina Yamate


Mariko Obata (Associate Professor: Mie University )

Artistic advisor

Sumio Kobayashi

​Art director




If you are a personal friend, family member, or student of our members listed above, please refrain from applying our competitions.





Phone:(050) 5809-5243 Japan (+81) 日本語での対応は上記メールのみとなっておりますので、お電話ではなく、メールでのお問い合わせをお願いいたします。

Mie-Ken, Mie-Gun, Komono 5833​

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